Nia Vardalos

Vardalos promised that “Toula and Ian are stronger than ever” in the third installment of the beloved romantic comedy franchise, due out Sept. 8.
The actor and screenwriter praised Michael Constantine, who died Aug. 31, as "a gift to the written word."
The “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” star adopted a daughter from foster care in 2008.
The couple says their "relationship became a friendship."
The actress and writer shared what she teaches her daughter about boundaries.
I read the reviews of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and many were downright brutal. But, I've learned not to trust the critics and their often bitter -- sometimes jaded -- view of life and films. I've also learned critics will misstate the facts about films they dislike.
Even better, the daughter of the "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2" star was rewarded for speaking her mind.