The traveler, upset by EasyJet's half-day delay, was hit in the face by a smirking worker, a witness said.
He even once invented a friend, Jim, to hammer his point home.
In case after case, men practice violence against their families before lashing out at the public.
It is this kind of extraordinary act in an artistic work that reflects the best possible version of us. The kind of person
Harry Truman, one of our country's most unpretentious and least self-aggrandizing presidents, famously declared: And we're
It's not about safety -- or morals in any ordinary sense of the word. It's about conformity -- a charge the French would bristle at.
ISIS produces thousands of videos and memes to reach and radicalize those who are vulnerable, but this particular video is of critical importance, we believe, for its specificity.
Grab a pen and write down ten good things that have happened in the past twelve months. It's time to give those chattering
We arrive in Provence, specifically the Luberon, my favorite region of France. Rosé wines flow with pink flourish, ripe olives soaked in oil and herbs precede every meal, and fresh vegetables crown lamb and seafood platters. The crusty bread, as always in France, is addictive. My taste buds are tantalized, anticipating meals to come.