nice terror attack

The state of emergency remains a poor response to a lasting threat. Our nation was built from the Capetian kings around the notions of freedom and justice. To forget this basic truth is to renounce the very identity of France and to allow barbarism to triumph.
The Nice truck slaughter -- indeed the slaughtering by ISIS in general -- and the MEK's killing of thousands of Iranians are both worthy of our attention and condemnation
Political moderates, in addition to showing zero tolerance for radical Islamism, must relentlessly attack and expose the lies of right-wing populists. Because when they claim that they can vanquish Islamist terrorism quickly and effectively, they either don't know what they are talking about, or worse, are willing to lie to the electorate to come to power.
The lesson from yet another attack in France is this: Europe needs to change its approach to terrorism -- and fast.
We can only shield our children from the truth for a little while before they become old enough to see the terrible for themselves. But I wish they didn't have to grow up in a world rife with a brand of violence that is so evil and determined, so indiscriminate, and so omnipresent.
So while we cry for the dead and everything else, powerless and still groggy, simply human, sharing the same vague feelings faced with the horror and barbarism, it seems to me that we must support each other, understand each other, united in pain and sadness.
Prime Minister Manuel Valls said there was no doubting the assailant's motives.