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The two tied the knot at a mansion in Newport, Rhode Island, on Saturday.
Some fans aren't happy the former "Twilight" star may sink his teeth into the role for "The Batman."
Yes, my precious, the preview will stoke your appetite for the upcoming adventure about the fantasy-writing author.
"There’s not one person in the world that is not capable of seeing these intimate photos of me."
True, it is overstuffed, a favorite word used by most critics. Even so, things do coalesce. Bryan Singer as director and Simon Kinberg who crafted the screenplay did very well on this go around by also producing a more muscular film.
While I eventually became uninterested in the original X-Men movies, X-Men: Apocalypse now has me excited and curious to see where this franchise might go, how screenwriters will weave the storyline into recent history, and how its talented cast might reinvent and deepen their characters.
Actor Nicholas Hoult sits down with HuffPost Live to discuss his film "Kill Your Friends." Head over to HuffPost Entertainment's
While I didn't watch all the winning films, I did watch other movies that in my humble opinion, are more current and relevant in their subject matter and themes.
The public's obsession with not just missing girls but pretty, palatable missing girls is a through-line in Flynn's work. A female victim is immeasurably more sympathetic if she's adorable.
"Dark Places" finds Theron alongside her "Mad Max: Fury Road" co-star Nicholas Hoult, as well as Corey Stoll, who plays Ben
"Fury Road" is less a sequel than a reimagining of this post-apocalyptic mythology.
Nicholas Hoult has reportedly moved on from his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Lawrence. Read more on Celebuzz