Nicholas Kristof

Nicholas Kristof, opinion columnist at The New York Times, wrote that the pornographic website shows videos of rape and underage sex.
Watch more from Nichols Kristof's conversation with HuffPost Live here. This debate took place before the Muslim-led attacks
In their first best-selling book, Half the Sky, husband and wife team Nicholas D. Kristof, a New York Times columnist, and
I am a big fan of Nicholas Kristof so I was disappointed by his argument with Sam Harris and Bill Maher and his defense of his position in his New York Times column today. Kristof thinks he's defending the moderate; in fact, he's empowering the fanatic.
We can't let the bad guys win. Nicholas Kristof rightly said "The best tool to fight extremism is education, especially for
In a climate of increasing contempt for the intellectual, why bother? We bother because it is one of our most important obligations.
What better way to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary than with 1,900 of your biggest fans?Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists and authors Nicholas Kristof and his wife, Sheryl WuDunn, did just that at the 28th annual Chicago Foundation for Women luncheon.
New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof and his wife, Sheryl WuDunn, a former New York Times journalist, created the game
Responsibility to Protect: Can It Make A Difference? took place on December 13, 2012. In this clip, the panel featuring former
When New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof issued Barack Obama a report card last month, the president's job performance