nick cave

By Tim Clark Life is fluid, evolving, flowing, a work in progress. I always had this romantic vision of being one with the
Nick Cave, Until Still, he has a wild and witty approach to the world I find engaging in Free Roses, so called after a fantasy
“The soundsuits hide gender, race, class and they force you to look at the work without judgment.”
Nearly everything in Hell Or High Water seems to be about ways of life disappearing, primarily because of the economy, and
The Soundsuits "camouflage the body, masking and creating a second skin that conceals race, gender, and class, forcing the viewer to look without judgment."
"Buttoned Up Cloud" represents the 2300-mile journey between my small, rural hometown in eastern Washington to an equally small suburb in western Pennsylvania.
In a time where consumerism only seems to be growing, it is inspiring to observe these six artists - such as Tara Donovan and Piet Hein Eek - who have made discarded, everyday materials the centre of their work. Watch their approach to re-using materials.
According to the coroner, 15-year-old Arthur Cave took the hallucinogenic drug before his fatal fall.
Australian singer Nick Cave's 15-year-old son Arthur died on Tuesday night after falling off a cliff in Brighton, England
Outside Detroit, Nick Cave's "TM 13" memorializes the death of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed Florida teenager who was fatally shot three years ago.
The summer brings plenty of excuses to spend time outdoors -- but also to escape the heat in the cool, quiet galleries of a museum.
While Glastonbury has undoubtedly become more mainstream, it has not lost sight of its origins. Beneath the commercialisation and the hype, its political heart still beats strong.
Of the many tributes to Billie Holiday's 100th birthday today (April 7), the most compelling I've heard is Cassandra Wilson's Sony Legacy album Coming Forth By Day, a strange, atmospheric brew produced by Nick Launay (whose credits include music by Nick Cave and Arcade Fire) with shimmering string arrangements by the incomparable Van Dyke Parks.
For one year, the museum will invite 100 artists -- local, national and global -- to choose individual works of art or galleries that spark our imaginations. There will be five seasons, and I am very excited to be a participant in one of the upcoming seasons!
"Made by Whites for Whites" addresses the prevalence of American racist objects that are too historically significant to be destroyed yet too offensive to be displayed.