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Parent company Meta said it plans to consult its oversight board on whether deleting coronavirus misinformation is still "appropriate."
Haugen, who worked on Facebook's civic misinformation team, secretly copied thousands of internal documents before leaving the company in May.
The newspaper reimagined the ex-president after Facebook extended his ban from the platform.
"Our country can't take this abuse anymore!" the former president said in a statement.
The site has decided to exempt politicians from abiding by its community rules.
The truth is that, intriguing as Scotland always is, it was in Iraq -- and in the reaction to Iraq -- where Labour got off the winning course.
Nick Clegg's political hold is as relevant now as shinning a spittoon. And the stiff arm to extinction given to Ed Miliband is the quivering realisation that both politicians squandered the future of their parties.
You'd have to be a psychopath to take pleasure in some of the losses the past 12 hours have seen. Douglas Alexander, Danny Alexander and Jim Murphy, for example, didn't lose their seats because they were bad at their job. They lost their seats because Scotland is currently in the grip of a wave of hysteria.
Andy Zaltzman, Ben Bryant, Ned Simons and Simon Akam join HuffPost Live to explain why UKPI is gaining steam.
For too long American politicians have gotten off easy, not just from the press but from the voters as well. Because of our acquiescence, we have let the lunatics take over the asylum. The British model demonstrates that things don't have to be that way.