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Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have a plan for dealing with the COVID-19 threat.
Danielle: Figuring out the solution space for "business information" is the most immediate challenge. We started off as an
How you waste a top-tier cast in a total nothing of a movie like this I'll never understand. Pity poor Jessica Chastain, who I've adored in just about everything she's done and who looks like she was forced into this project against her will.
And given that 'Maleficent' is now the highest grossing live-action film that Angelina Jolie has ever starred in, it's clear that these late-in-the-game changes that Robert Stromberg, Joe Roth and John Lee Hancock did right by that A-lister. Though Peter Capaldi has a very different opinion.
I had the chance to talk with the genial and gregarious Frost a few weeks ago about where the first fires of Fury started to burn, and his thoughts on having wrapped up the "Cornetto" films.
Watch the full interview with Nick Frost below: Frost starred alongside Hoffman in the 2009 film "Pirate Radio." Their rapport
“I think when you get a group of Latinos in one room, the amount of energy that comes off them,” said Frost. “If you can’t
Actor and comedian Nick Frost dropped by HuffPost Live yesterday to tell us about his new movie, "Cuban Fury". In the movie
Nick Frost joins HuffPost Live to field questions from community members.
Some waning magic, some vanishing courage, some dumb beauty. This cinema sensation will not be recognized with awards. But be there no doubt about it, The World's End is the most important movie of the year.