nick viall

"Pilot Pete" insisted that he's not making those "dumb decisions on purpose."
Many commenters said they mistook the actress for Jenner in a recent photo posted to Instagram.
Viall endured a tumultuous, cheese-pasta-filled season.
"The next Bachelor should be all Nick's sweaters."
"Should I be worried that I don't mind a man in a turtleneck?"
"'This guy in a turtleneck is gonna give me my first orgasm,' said no one ever."
As Rachel's sister said, racism is "not just something you can hide and ignore."
“How will you support my daughter?” “Sponsored Instagram posts?”
Naturally, Liz, drama queen of last night's episode and former fling of Nick at a wedding 9 months ago, was nicknamed Victoria
He should know -- it's happened to him twice on national TV.