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If the new crowdfunding campaign is successful, this doll could be a reality.
Learning about menstruation doesn't have to be awkward.
After his 3D-printed "Normal Barbie" prototype went viral in 2013, and a subsequent crowd-funding campaign exceeded its goal
I hate to criticize Lammily -- the new "normal" looking doll for little girls -- as challenging the all-mighty Barbie and her size negative-four standards is a commendable act. That said... I'm about to criticize Lammily.
The “Normal Barbie” is now available for purchase, and not only will it look like the average american woman but will also have acne, scars, and tattoos -- just like an everyday female.
"I feel that, right now, dolls are very 'perfect' looking, when, in real life, few of us have perfect skin," Lamm told The
The "Lammily" doll is meant to be an alternative to Barbie, and other unrealistic girl-marketed dolls. Barbie made headlines
Artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm investigated the matter with a project entitled "Money, Love and Sex," which delves into
Here, a "hexagonal grid of cellular base-station sites" covers the city of Chicago. Base stations, more commonly called cell
"Our retinas have many more cones than cats, especially in the area of the fovea (which is all cones and no rods)," Lamm
6. This woman, who is able to say "I absolutely adore my body." Body acceptance blogger Liz Casey appeared on July 2013 HuffPost
Below are Lamm's photos for the Los Angeles metro area. To see the photos he created for Chicago, Miami, New York and Boston
What happens when a beluga whale mates with a narwhal? Or when polar and grizzly bears have cubs? Lamm collaborated with
Take a look at his depictions of what visible Wi-Fi in Washington, D.C., would look like below, and read more about his process
What might humans look like in the distant future? "Our future selves will ultimately control human biology and human evolution
The illustrations, put together with help from ex-NASA astrobiologist Dr. M. Browning Vogel, show what the Big Apple might
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