Nico Tortorella

"We really love kind people who are not trying to make a joke of what it is we’re doing.”
The actor said he'd been “strongly advised” to “stay quiet” about his relationship.
The clairvoyant appeared to connect Tortorella with his grandfather.
The actor elaborates on what identifying as "sexually fluid" means to him.
"I don't focus on what you have between your legs," he said.
To LGBT allies -- "When I was a kid coming out in the 80s, resources like The Trevor Project didn't exist. It's important
It's not often that we get second chances in life, but when we do, this is the moment we need to make the most of. Many times we don't see it coming, but life decides to throw us curveballs when we least expect them.
The episode ended with Agent Parker getting buried alive by two other cult-members. Time is ticking to save Claire and Parker
In The Huffington Post's exclusive preview of the April 22 episode, titled "The End is Near," the cracks in Joe's plans are