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“The Maduro regime is awash in corruption and criminality,” U.S. Attorney General William Barr said in an online news conference from Washington.
Diosdado Cabello met last month in Caracas with someone who is in close contact with the Trump administration, AP reported Sunday.
Michelle Bachelet arrived in Venezuela to meet President Nicolás Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who are fighting for control as nation faces crisis.
Amid the mayhem, an armored utility vehicle drove at full speed into the crowd.
Leaders battle over future of South American nation as Pentagon "explores options," CNN reports.
Maduro's legitimacy as president has been called into question in recent weeks.
Troops loyal to President Nicolas Maduro blocked convoys carrying humanitarian aid at the border and fired tear gas on protesters.
"More is on the way."
Some of them agree with President Trump’s decision to recognize the country's opposition leader as the legitimate president.
The advisory also came on the same day the Venezuelan government announced an investigation into opposition leader Juan Guaido.