Nicolle Wallace

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace announced that she welcomed a baby girl via surrogate.
The "Deadline: White House" anchor announced the news during a phone call to her own show.
GOP boasts of strength from Donald Trump and others are immediately chopped down in the stinging montage on MSNBC.
The MSNBC host explains one of the former president’s biggest problems.
Fox News’ Sean Hannity and Republican Rep. Jim Jordan were also ridiculed by the “Deadline: White House” anchor.
“I feel like you’re being diplomatic. He’s a terrible member of Congress,” the MSNBC host told Rep. Zoe Lofgren.
The anchor's ominous warning comes as prosecutors seek to clamp down on Trump's inflammatory public remarks about his coup attempt case.
The MSNBC host showed how the former White House chief of staff was the "quarterback" of the fake electors plot.
The MSNBC anchor couldn't believe the "depths of ignorance" shown by the Alabama Republican.
The former U.S. senator said Republican voters are being "suckered" as the party uses "fraud" to raise money.