Nicolle Wallace

“We have a president who is a sexual predator,” the longtime Republican insider said.
“I don’t know who all of these people talking to him, telling him this information that he’s now spewing up," Steele told MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace.
Scathing MSNBC panel rips president's North Korean photo-op as a "diplomatic booty call."
Nicolle Wallace compared Trump's tariff threats to a child crying wolf while Mexico is the mom who's sick of the bratty behavior.
“The business model of Fox News is to create an alternative reality that is destroying the country,” said the MSNBC analyst.
There's suddenly a “new ‘I’ word, and it’s ‘imprisonment,’ not 'impeachment,'” says former FBI official Frank Figliuzzi.
The MSNBC host fact-checked the president's Wednesday tantrum.
The president is "spooked" by the California senator for one key reason.
"Ladies Who Punch" details some of the never-reported scandals that plagued the hit TV talk show.
The Judiciary Committee has launched a widespread investigation into the president's family and connections.
The MSNBC host said it could be "the most dangerous thing he's done."
A former CIA chief of staff tells her that Putin's alleged advice to Trump on North Korea's capabilities would have been aimed at undermining U.S. missile defense.
“Donald Trump doesn’t do much of anything as president.”
“Here’s all the stuff Putin is getting," said the MSNBC host.
The MSNBC host picked apart the consequences of the government shutdown on "Late Night with Seth Meyers."
Former national security adviser is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to lying to the FBI.
The MSNBC host said Trump was unknowingly quoting an old Colbert joke.
Trump's demagoguery comes straight from the conservative movement.