Is there a female equivalent to avuncular -- a comfortable word to describe the goodness of aunts? We could say auntlike or tantesque -- but somehow these words seem less generous than a word like avuncular, cloaked in corduroy, describing a good-hearted, patient, indulgent uncle.
Your mom, before she was a mom, was the best sleeper of all. When we were younger, she'd sleep so hard and so late. I remember going into her room on weekend mornings and begging her to "wake up! wake up!"
"I guess," said Lauren, speaking for everyone, "you're not over the hill after all." Stamford Advocate columnist Jerry Zezima
Single uncles walk an undefined line in a family. Being accepted as a bachelor (in most cases without children) is the start, but then, if he cares, comes the role the uncle carves in the family geography.
UPDATE: TMZ has now learned that Judge Mitch Beckloff just made Trent Jackson the temporary guardian of MJ's kids and suspended
Agapi Stassinopoulos wants her nieces -- and everyone -- to understand that life's journey is where you find yourself and your passion.
For women like me, we not only grieve the loss of motherhood, but we also grieve the loss of the dream, the dream of finding love and marriage resulting in that beautiful baby carriage.
Don't be too surprised if Palin memorabilia becomes a "Republican stimulus package," so to speak.