Nigel Farage

The former Brexit Party leader closed his GB News show with the cringeworthy stunt.
The Fox News conspiracy theorist suggested coronavirus "feminizes" people.
"The majority of the people who live in those lands are Black or Asian. So the queen is far from being a racist," said columnist Richard Mineards.
Nigel Farage and other VIPs were flown to and from Tulsa in jets chartered by the Trump campaign for a rally that wound up drawing less than 6,200 people.
The president once suggested British politician Nigel Farage should be Britain's ambassador to the U.S.
Nigel Farage described the vote as “the point of no return."
The ruling Conservative party has put up fake social media posts as Prime Minister Boris Johnson risks everything to "get Brexit done."
Farage appeared to give Trump's shocking comment a pass, claiming men sometimes say "dreadful things" after a drink. Trump doesn't drink.
Doctored videos of opponents, misleading Google search results and fake Twitter names show the disinformation virus has spread across the Atlantic.
The president seemed to be empathizing with the Duchess of Sussex, whom he once called "nasty."