Night at the Museum

The American Museum of Natural History in New York is moving a controversial statue of the 26th president.
Inside the adult sleepovers at the American Museum of Natural History.
If you haven't gathered it yet, I am indeed here to defend Ricky (without tackling the long list of his distasteful comments
On November 30, Ben Stiller turns 50.He fell in love with performing when he was just a kid.
Yes, the story is pretty far-fetched. Exhibits come to life. An Egyptian tablet possesses secret powers. You may be surprised, however, to learn that is one thing shockingly more unrealistic in this movie. Spoiler alert: The museums' AED devices.
This is a wild, adventurous and funny film. This last installment of the Night at the Museum trilogy is takes you on an adventurous journey and is defiantly a must see.
I've spent half a century watching films that are by, for, and about men. I've paid too much of my hard-earned money supporting a fantasy world where half the human population has gone missing.
Don't get me wrong: This Is Where I Leave You isn't a great movie. But it's an enjoyable one, an emotional comedy that earns its lump in the throat and most of its laughs.
Peter Travers on 9 of His Favorite Robin Williams Performances In a statement to Rolling Stone, Stiller recalls the first