night owls

If you just can't get on board with early to bed, early to rise, here's how you can combat the health issues that come with your sleep schedule.
People who wake up earlier are more likely to eat healthier than those who sleep in. This is probably because night owls
At night the morning person may want to go to bed early and not be in the mood for conversation. Whereas the night person may be eager to stay up late and eager for conversation. In the morning, the morning person's being awake, busy around the house, and being cheerful may annoy the night person, who either wants to sleep later or is awake but wants peace and quiet.
Scientists isolate the genes associated with "morningness."
Caffeine seriously messes with our internal body clocks.
There are reasons why we prefer to rise with the stars over the sun -- and it isn't necessarily a bad thing. Below are a
When I have commitments that require me to be up and moderately functional before 9 a.m., I have a strict routine I follow so as not to upset my delicate "night owl" constitution. If you thrive when the sun goes down, try applying these practices to keep your cool during those dreadful morning hours.
For night owls, there are few things more grating than cheery morning people. Their fresh faces, bright eyes, and perky personalities
The undeserved "lazy" stigma given to night owls comes about due to the early birds of the world never seeing you at your most productive because, ironically, they're often fast asleep by the time you get going.
When you think of late-night fun, chances are clubs in big cities like New York, Berlin, or Miami come to mind. And while
"The thing I had so much pleasure in doing is watching him do narrative, dramatic stuff so effortlessly," Salazar said. "Everyone
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“If further findings support the relationship between sleep timing and repetitive negative thinking, this could one day lead