night sky

Some cities and states are trying to protect our night sky "for the health and wellbeing for all living things.”
What would Van Gogh’s "Starry Night" look like if he lived today?
And what's coming up next in the night sky.
This was not a vacation for the faint of heart, this was a vacation of extremes -- extreme temperatures as the Colorado River, starting just below the Glen Canyon dam, was a chilly 46 degrees F.
Soon, it was officially morning, and Malone captured the sunrise. "We are down to four hours of dark sky time for night photography
Photo by Neal Herbert, National Park Service. Photo courtesy of David Lane. Photo courtesy of Jacob Frank (@jwfrankphotography
There's nothing like a night sky full of bright stars to remind you of the vastness of the universe -- and the breathtaking beauty of Mother Nature.
Chaco is one of the amazing places still left in the West where the night sky lights up with stars. The new designation also recognizes the park's efforts to reduce light pollution and its public outreach programs at the national park and its observatory.
... and stars in night sky in Moab, Utah. But let's finish strong here with the Milky Way Suspension over Balanced Rock. If
Freezing temperatures certainly make a strong case for staying inside on winter nights. But a new video from the YouTube