nih cuts

Current negotiations are centered on setting a top line spending number of roughly $1.013 trillion, a Democratic Senate aide
Roughly six months into sequestration, the situation is worse than predicted. Internal NIH estimates show that it will end up cutting more than the 700 research grants the institutes initially planned to sacrifice in the name of austerity.
But Collins, 63, is too complex to be pigeonholed. He founded the BioLogos Foundation, which promotes the integration of
A few days later, Dutta tells me that because of the budget cuts, he had informed the post-doctoral fellow that he would
The National Institutes of Health released an updated projection of the cuts it must make to deal with spending reductions put in place by sequestration, and the picture isn't pretty.
According to the agency, 750 fewer patients will be admitted into the NIH Clinical Center and 700 fewer competitive research
Missouri's Sen. Roy Blunt warned that the sequester was a blunt instrument, so to speak, but joined his fellow Senate Republicans
"Some of our science is going to be a little slower to get done," Woodruff said. "If we're simply filling in gaps, maybe