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In reality, however, this is relatively low-hanging fruit. Virtually no one in Congress publicly opposes greater funding
Last week, the Supreme Court ruled against chromosome discrimination. Now, citizens with two X chromosomes can marry somebody with two X chromosomes, and those with a Y chromosome can marry other folks with a Y chromosome too.
Perhaps one thing that people of all political stripes can agree on is the importance of health. When disease strikes us or our loved ones, our whole world changes.
As a preamble to a night meant to reward scientific achievement, these comments were decidedly somber. And even amid the
Of all Republicans to make the case for doubling investment in the NIH, Gingrich ranks among the more likely candidates. The
Asked specifically if he believed Republicans should spend on the NIH without an offset, Cantor replied: "You haven't offset
In 2014, NIH research funding for cancer was $56 million less than it was in 2010. This means we now have to fight for increased funding at a time when potentially monumental breakthroughs are in our grasp. In the war against cancer we've had to open up a second front.
Told that his ultimatum that non-defense spending get relief made him a liberal equivalent of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), Durbin