nih sequester

Of all Republicans to make the case for doubling investment in the NIH, Gingrich ranks among the more likely candidates. The
Asked specifically if he believed Republicans should spend on the NIH without an offset, Cantor replied: "You haven't offset
Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.) called for NIH funds to be raised from roughly $30.1 billion to around $40 billion in the year
"I was struck as I watched, as one said, knuckle-dragging conservative Republicans come up here -- that's what he called
“This goes back to the question of long-term versus short-term spending,” Bush replied. “I would add another long-term spending
The reception he received underscores the difficulty and frustration of his objective. Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) called the
Still, the authors recognize that even during times of heightened political concern about medical research funding, there
DeLauro and Higgins' bill would effectively use a trigger mechanism to get around the limits set by the BCA. If the NIH is
"One thing led to another," said Evoniuk. "We were just kind of following an interesting question not thinking we were going
Indeed, in conferences past, the Department of Energy has sent three representatives to the International Conference of Gas