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Meanwhile, comedian and film star David Spade, a roast master virgin, does a fine job this round. And the dias? Well, it's
The Comedy Central show introduces a new mascot for schools with their heads in the sand about campus sexual assault.
It's five pm on a Tuesday night, and my friend's in town for a visit. We've seen it all: Superman doing Thriller on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Lisa Vanderpump ruling the dining floor at her bedazzled West Hollywood lounge, and some minor celebrities drinking overpriced New Orleans iced coffees at Blue Bottle.
Most women do not enjoy being asked to "smile" by a strange man on the street, yet many men have a hard time understanding
Kenny Gmail, eBehar, and Harold Pinterest are just a few of the less-good versions of your favorite websites suggested by
"Blurred Lines" is the song of the summer, apparently, which means everyone has to do their own version of it. Nikki and
"I'm still scared of that happening again, and I haven't spent a lot of money on anything," Schaefer said. "To me, going
MTV's new late-night talk show "Nikki and Sara Live" is getting a second season. Hosts and standup comics Nikki Glaser and
Everyone knows that the best conversations happen in the ladies' bathroom. So that's exactly where we shot our first web
Attention, anyone with dreams of hosting your own talk show: Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer have done it, and want to impart
Some couples just don't know when to call it quits. But luckily for us, it's hilarious to watch. Comedians Joe DeRosa and
No further details have been announced, but Schaefer and Glaser seem to be embracing the MTV legacy. Schaefer told us that
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So break out your pens and paper -- unless you have boobs, then just open up a Word document -- and get ready to take some
These days, it seems like Justin Timberlake would rather be known as an actor, comedian or even a television personality