Nikolai Alexeyev

Russian journalist Masha Gessen joins us to discuss her new book, "Words Will Break Cement: The Passion of Pussy Riot."
Mamontov went on to claim that the West was attempting to "destroy Russia" through the growing influence of the global LGBT
Alexeyev reportedly also thanked all donors who contributed to covering the costs of Davydov's funeral, stating, “Thanks
Long-standing LGBT activist Nikolai Alexeyev landed the number one spot on The Moscow Times listing, despite a recent alleged
Masha Gessen believes that it's time for Russian LGBT people to flee the country to escape what she says has now become "all-out war" against LGBT people in Russia. And she's calling on the United States to allow political asylum for LGBT Russians.
With Putin's anti-gay laws in place, will Obama's presence make a difference? How are Russians reacting to the witch hunt? Wes Hurley and Yelena Goltsman join Dena to weigh in.
Alexeyev was previously asked to provide the keynote speech at the Human Rights First conference this week, but the organization
Nikolai Alexeyev, a leading Russian LGBT rights activist and outspoken critic of Russia's homophobic culture of fear and violence, appeared to have a high-profile social media meltdown this week, causing some to speculate that his Twitter feed had been hacked.
In response to Lucas' op-ed, Alexeyev's social media meltdown took an extreme turn. The Soviet government [in the 1980s] was