nina pham

You'd be surprised at how long it takes to get new protection laws on the books.
The suit accuses the hospital of negligence and deception. It does not specify an amount in damages. In the suit against
Pham, 26, told the newspaper that chaos hit the Dallas hospital when it admitted Thomas Duncan, the first person diagnosed
The only American Ebola survivor not present for the interview was Craig Spencer, a New York City doctor who tested positive
“We’re happy to reach this milestone, but our guard stays up,” said Dr. David Lakey, commissioner of the Texas Department
The dog named Bentley had been removed from Pham's apartment by animal workers in protective suits. It was placed in a 21
Technology and access to information do not magically confer gravely ill individuals with medical expertise. Moreover, a collective desire for self-directed care does not displace the requirement for expert, compassionate guidance made available to every patient -- whether requested or not.
The National Institutes of Health announced Friday morning that Pham no longer tested positive for Ebola. Officials were
CORRECTION: A previous version of this story stated Spencer had been in Liberia. He had been in Guinea. "I think hope just
“We must admit, along the way, we have seen ample opportunity for improvement, from the CDC all the way to the hospital,” he