nina simone

Four African-American artists got together and purchased the singer-activist's home in North Carolina.
The institution will also consider Bon Jovi, Nina Simone, LL Cool J and Depeche Mode.
In a 1999 interview, Simone recalled the time a record company exec robbed her.
Adam Pendleton, Rashid Johnson, Ellen Gallagher and Julie Mehretu took over the legendary space.
These iconic singers amplified our voices through their music.
Its that time of year again and its always nice to get in the spirit of the season with some great holiday music. Here are
It's a family that needs almost no introduction. But here it is anyway. It started with Loudon -- a musical legend -- and continued on to Sloan, Rufus, Martha, Lucy, Lexi, Suzzi...and, well, you almost need a genealogy chart, or at least a timeline, to map it out.
"She'd have her 'Black Lives Matter' [T-shirt] on," says poet and longtime friend Nikki Giovanni.
Her life was a mess - no other way to describe it. But looking at her fabulous sculptures with their voluptuous shapes and rainbow-colored mosaic - is to be overwhelmed by their exuberance, their sense of happiness. If only for a moment, one feels like a child playing in a sandbox.
It's clear that there will only be one Nina Simone. For me, an important question is whether Zoe did Nina justice. My sense
The film Nina starring celebrated actors Zoe Saldana (Nina Simone) and David Oyelowo (Clifton Henderson) is a film in search of itself.