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The former "All Things Considered" co-host took aim at NPR as questions were raised about journalist Nina Totenberg's friendship with Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
The Supreme Court justice recently finshed treatment for pancreatic cancer and plans to head back to work soon.
The Supreme Court justice says she misses the "tremendous variety" of New York.
The Ames Stradivarius disappeared from violinist Roman Totenberg's office in 1980. Thirty five years later, it finally turned up.
You're familiar with the stereotype: humorless, ever so slightly imperious, Birkenstock-wearing brown-rice enthusiasts. These
Could the Williams matter have been better handled? Most agree that it could have. Does a bungled personnel matter serve as justification to gut all federal funding for this insightful news organization? Absolutely not.
Who knew you had to apologize for using the term "Christmas party"? Apparently, NPR's Nina Totenberg. Totenberg was speaking
Women's organizations today demanded the resignation of Simpson, indicating that Simpson and his Commission could be a greater political liability among women voters than most observers initially suspected.
"This process is very cynical to begin with, you don't really want to reveal too much lest you find yourself in trouble. But
Right now the long shadow of George W. Bush is giving me indigestion and I don't like the way that makes me feel. I wish I hadn't read Angelou's poignant words, or for that matter all of the Supreme Court news.