Instead of getting depressed about how they don't write 'em like they used to, here's an even dozen shows from the era of Chicago up through the '00s that Encores! might consider in the future.
The new release does indeed make the show sound more like a revival with some bonus extras. There are three possible explanations I can think of for this change in slant.
Sometimes when I'm with her, I see traces of her as a toddler -- round and full, with mischief and joy flitting across her features like a sprightly fairy. Other times, I see mature, angular hints of the woman that she will someday become.
The Spanish-born actress tells Fox News that she signed on to star in the comedy so that she could work once again with Allen
The subtext for the feud between Dream Girls and Nine was the fact that in the spring of 1982, two venerable theaters, the Morosco and the Helen Hayes, were demolished.
He wrote it with the Oscar-winning Bardem in mind: "It's the first time I wrote a role for one actor," he admits. "That's
In 1957, Jefferson Thomas and eight fellow Black students at Little Rock High School made history as they helped make our nation live up to the promise of Brown v. Board of Education, the end of legal segregation in public schools.
On her universal appeal: "You know, in Italy, Catholic boys are raised to believe there are two types of women: the Madonna
Attention celebrity publicists: Cut it out. You need to research the Golden Age of Hollywood. It was then that the star machine created real superstars.
Thriller, a remake of the 1983 Michael Jackson classic video, features startling performances, raw drama, and choreography that effortlessly rivals "High School Musical 3" and "Nine." Speaking of the latter, these performers don't need Armani to look good.
This Sunday kicks off Awards Season with the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Ricky Gervais, the first Globes host in 15
Who can dislike a movie that allows you to dream of tooling around Roma with a beautiful woman by your side in a 1960s Alfa Romeo convertible?
Sophia Loren may be more than twice their age, but she looked phenomenal standing with "Nine" costars Penelope Cruz and Marion
With $1.33 billion in the worldwide bank, Avatar is just over $500 million away from breaking Titanic's seemingly unsinkable $1.8 billion record.
Federico Fellini told me that the theme of his life was "dreams are the only reality." "No one ever perceives the real world," he said. "Each person simply calls private, personal fantasies the Truth. The difference is that I know I live in a fantasy world."
Kate Hudson has split up from A-Rod ( now reports it happened a few weeks ago) and she brought her mom Goldie Hawn
Madonna brought oldest daughter Lourdes, who wore Doc Martens, to the New York premiere of "Nine" Tuesday night. No word
Kidman, who came without her touring husband Keith Urban, donned a black party dress that made the most of her figure. Madonna
Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz and Fergie premiered 'Nine' Thursday night in LA. Fergie and Josh Duhamel continued to depict
The big-screen musical "Nine" had its London premiere Thursday night. Stars Nicole Kidman, Daniel Day-Lewis, Judi Dench, Kate