ninth circuit

Immigrant rights advocates are hailing Thursday's ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, which refused to reinstate President Trump's ban on travelers from seven majority-Muslim countries. But they are also bracing for a prolonged legal fight with the White House.
It's something that almost never happens in the justice system.
The Ninth Circuit's draconian decree hearkens back to something from Dickens, or the Old Testament, or the current panic over Sharia law. It is simply incompatible with current understanding of childhood sexual abuse, criminal responsibility, and victim's rights.
School officials banned the wearing of the American-flag clothing on only one day of the school year. What day was that? Cinco de Mayo -- a day to celebrate Mexican heritage. School officials did not ban American-flag clothing on any other school day -- just one.
2014-11-17-ScreenShot20141117at11.06.49AMsmall.pngStates have been gaining marriage equality at the rate of one or two a week lately, but a few stubborn holdouts may remain a serious challenge.
It appears that at least two same-sex couples have been married in Barrow, Alaska, according to Kristine Hilderbrand, who said state Magistrate Mary Treiber waived the three-day waiting period required after issuing of marriage licenses.
This nullification of the strike -- the core building block of effective workplace advocacy for thousands of unrepresented, often low wage contract workers at airports -- deserves a lot more attention than it's been getting.
Should the government be allowed to lie to the courts in the name of national security? This is the question that judges on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will have to consider in the next few weeks.
Rakoff added that if Montana were concerned about this new system, it could "appoint its judges, with a bipartisan and expert