nip slip

Chrissy Teigen has mastered the art of reacting to a nip slip.
I pretended not to even notice the fact that my shirt was literally falling off my body in front of a group of people. I could feel my anxiety level skyrocket. Oh my god. There's a legitimate chance that my naked breast will be exposed to everyone in this room if I don't stop playing right now.
Jackson simply had the bad luck to be a black woman in possession of a nipple. Even today, we see the policing of women's bodies -- and their breasts in particular -- by media gatekeepers.
Tina Fey is owning her minor nip slip at the Emmys like a boss, between her "SNL" promo and now her fuller explanation by
I don't understand America's obsession with nipples. Anne Hathaway, winner of the Oscar for Actress in a Supporting Role, gave the performance of a lifetime in 'Les Misérables.' You would think the next day's headline would be about her incredible talent. Instead, the headline is about how her nipples showed in her dress. Seriously.
On Wednesday night ESSENCE honored Solange Knowles and Lianne La Havas at its annual Women in Music luncheon, which was sponsored
Why, when you know you are stepping into a flurry of flashbulbs, would you dare to bare?
In typical J. Lo fashion, there was a lot going on: super voluminous hair, super shiny, super low-cut... and super sheer