When Fatima Asmaa Paciotti first began selling Muslim clothing in this northern Italy town, many right-wing locals were skeptical.
Denmark's justice minister claimed veils like the niqab are "disrespectful."
Who gives you the right to assume Muslim women are oppressed by the tenants of our faith and the words of the Holy Qur’an?
Even though most Muslim women in the country don't wear niqabs or burqas.
According to Zanetti, about 40 percent of her customers are not Muslims. The outfits have been popular in Israel among the
Lawmakers are deliberating over what women can and cannot wear in public.
Now, the woman hopes to talk about her faith with the clerk who did so.
"It shows people are willing to stand up to ignorance and hate on behalf of others."
"I wanted to educate others and reflect the beauty that I know and love in Muslim women."
#HijabToMe is showing the world how truly diverse Muslim women who wear the headscarf can be.
It seems it is not only the far right that seizes the opportunity of every calamity that befalls us and every terrorist attack to unleash their exclusionary and hateful rhetoric towards Islam and Muslims. Self-proclaimed enlightened liberals do too.
A woman can wear a burka or she can walk the streets stark naked (or anything in between). It doesn't matter! Her safety cannot be guaranteed in either case. What can be guaranteed is that if and when she is harmed, some people will make public their opinion about how what she was wearing contributed to the crime.
All my life I have been happy and proud to be a Canadian. The Canada of my generation has been liberal in its policies and