Her former son-in-law's lawsuit says he was attacked in an attempt to regain possession of Kurt Cobain's iconic “Unplugged” guitar.
Ivanka Trump says she went through a “punk” phase.
Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic recorded the music video in 1988.
Kurt Cobain's daughter thanked the Nirvana frontman for the gift of life.
To gather together such diverse profiles and genres required a unique person. One who was able to compose antithetic tunes
V is for Vampire Weekend 1. Walcott 2. Giving up the Gun 3. Step 4. M79 5. Diplomat's Son 6. Unbelievers 7. Horchata X is
You can now make a Nirvana pilgrimage for the "Nevermind" anniversary.
Step 1. locate the perfect hot dog in 2016, on stage at July 4th while celebrating the birthright of America through competitive
The Melvins are currently on tour, and discussed a wide variety of topics from the Buzz-bashed Kurt Cobain documentary Montage
Additional outstanding tracks include "Wait," for its cool and complex vocals, and "What You Want," for it's percussion-driven
What happens to the art isn't important. What's important is that it was being made. I remember that raw feeling of someone standing up for what they believe, and not caring what anyone thinks. I haven't felt that feeling in a while.
My earliest memories of music go back to summer car rides to day camp, accompanied by the sounds of overdriven, dreary guitars, aching, brooding vocals, and guttural bass lines.
The photos are meant to dispute a conspiracy theory that the gun was melted down.