Spencer Elden had initially filed a suit in August 2021 accusing Kurt Cobain's estate and the album photographer of child sex trafficking.
Before drummer Dave Grohl hit the stage with Nirvana and the Foo Fighters, he was a fan who idolized rockstars just like so many others.
The Foo Fighters frontman is standing by his opinion of the “Bad Guy” singer, which he’s elaborated on in the past.
The man, who as a 4-month-old appeared nude on the 1991 cover, is alleging the image is child pornography.
“I was really upset because I thought things were okay,” Grohl told Vulture.
He called it "uncanny" in a new interview with Rolling Stone.
Now-30-year-old Spencer Elden calls the iconic image "child pornography" and accuses the deceased Kurt Cobain of depicting him "like a sex worker."
“Nobody makes the connection,” the musician told a completely stunned Pharrell Williams in a clip from Paramount+ series “From Cradle to Stage.”
People who wrote to the agency were told an investigation of his death, which had been ruled a suicide, was outside the FBI's jurisdiction.
The musical guest also honored the late "Saturday Night Live" cast member Chris Farley.