Grab a partner and give this a try. Stand facing your partner, holding your hands up and pressed against each other's'. Now, both of you push against the other's hands.
The hands-on experience of your coach can be gauged by the length of their coaching practice and the total number of coaching
Many people seem to believe that the greatest gift of love to another, is to offer their love. Whilst this is indeed a precious gesture, is this really true or unconditional love?
If you really desire to change or attain your dreams, change your expectation and adopt a new normal.
Here are five ways a Life Coach can help you get unstuck and get you back on the path toward your goals!
When 77 percent of the population holds that same limiting belief, it's like a super-virus that has become resistant to normal antibiotics! It becomes a "truth" so prevalent that the energy and focus of an entire population can be deflated.
E: In one word: SIMPLICITY. Our system goes to the data sources and extracts the data in whatever format it exists without
If there is anything most of us need to reframe, it's our perception of failure! That novel you're writing may never hit
If you're feeling really stuck with your old perspective, ask a friend to weigh in and help you see that circumstance differently. The objective is not to come up with a rose-colored glasses interpretation that feels unrealistic to you... but to come up with a new interpretation.
So while I may still find myself in a crappy mood from time to time, it hardly seems worth thinking about, let alone trying to fix it by figuring it out, tapping it away, or medicating it into oblivion. This too will pass, and remembrance of the river is never more than one thought away.
Try out these tips as Autumn hits your household. Share them with your kids to encourage a positive relationship to change and transition. And remember what William Somerset Maugham wrote,
It's true that most of our barriers are self-imposed and many of our fears are "False Evidence Appearing Real." But to me, staying in fear as you try to do what you're afraid of is like riding the waves on a skate board. It might kinda work -- but you're definitely surfing at a disadvantage!
Don't wait until you've fully reached your goal to applaud yourself. Give yourself kudos for all the efforts you make along the way.
Whether the glitch is in the value or the glitch is in the goal, we have several techniques in NLP to reconcile the two. When your values and goals are in alignment, you'll no longer feel frustrated as you pursue what you desire.
The thing that's so weird about procrastination is that everybody knows it doesn't get you where you want to go -- yet we still do it. And procrastination doesn't even feel good.
Being negative does seem like the easy way out sometimes, doesn't it? It's so easy to tear down, criticize, feel hopeless
You see, through all the years before, I had been on weight loss jags for all the wrong reasons. Sometimes it was connected to what others might think of me or wanting to be attractive to others. Sometimes it was out of momentary frustration that my slacks kept shrinking in the closet.
Your goal must also be meaningful for you. It isn't what other people want, what we think we should want, or what others want for us.