Meanwhile, according to an investigation by the USA Today Network, "at least 60 lawsuits, along with hundreds of liens, judgments
In a response to the recent decision by the National Labor Relations Board that allows graduate student workers to unionize, Northwestern University reacted by saying, "Unionization and collective bargaining are not the appropriate methods to address concerns raised by graduate student assistants."
In its recent decision in Columbia University, the National Labor Relations Board by a 3-1 vote granted graduate student assistants at private universities the right to form labor unions and to collectively bargain.
The nationwide movement for better pay and benefits expands to the South.
Whole Foods has a policy against employees making recordings in the workplace without the boss' permission. Federal officials have ruled the policy illegal.
The worker was also reprimanded for discussing wages with his colleagues, which is a federal right.
On this Labor Day 2015, there are nascent signs that workers may be gaining a little ground.
The economic model of college athletics is going to change in the coming years. But change certainly isn't always bad. In this case, it will be good. The games will remain exciting and, most importantly, college sports will be more fair and just for the athletes creating the product.
I strongly support the NLRB's amended standard for determining joint-employer status. Workers should not be prevented from bargaining with the companies that help set their wages, benefits, schedules and workplace conditions. This ruling will restore workers' rights.