No Ceilings

“I could not go through with my marriage. This is my decision. This is my life.”
One of the least discussed, yet most pervasive stigmas in gender equality is female menstruation. In every country, the veil of silence around menstruation contributes to sexism that can hold women back in their personal lives and professional careers.
Where were you, Hillary? Why did you not offer Michael Brown's mother your arm to walk across the bridge together -- as mothers, and as women standing against racist bigotry and murder? Why don't more of us wonder this?
While the data show that we are making progress in a number of important areas -- including health, education and legal protections -- it equally reveals that these gains have not been fully realized by all.
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Hillary Clinton had taken the stage at the "Girls: A No Ceilings Conversation" event with her daughter, Chelsea Clinton. The