no children

And no, they won't "eventually" change their minds.
It's not that I don't want children right now. It's not that I don't want children until after I'm married, or after I've paid off my student loan debt, or after I've bought a house. There is no caveat to this statement. I do not want children ever.
I love children. They can fill a room with happiness, even on the darkest of days. But I've never felt the soul-clenching desire to become a mother.
I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry that we don't want kids yet. We'll have them one of these days, but for now, we're just enjoying our time learning to live with each other before we throw a little one into the mix.
Centuries of social conditioning have led us to believe that we MUST marry and we MUST procreate. Therefore, I've failed society's expectations. But why MUST we? Some people just never get married or have kids -- it happens. Some people just don't want that out of life. And that's okay.
Women who have decided not to have children tend to receive a lot of frustrating questions about that very personal choice
"You think you're tired? You don't know what tired is." "You don't have children, so you won't understand." "Wait until your
Girls are taught that motherhood is a desired natural state; a state which is a normal progression in our lives as females. Even today, the emphasis is on motherhood first, career second, and that is wrong. Motherhood doesn't define womanhood.
*********************** A Tea Party group in Kansas is saying that a Democratic candidate for the state House of Representatives
In these kinds of cases, is "birth control sabotage" common? The party who wants children needs to get clear about whether
Everyone's talking about this month's cover of the Atlantic, "Why Women Still Can't Have it All." In the essay, author Anne
I'm assuming that the currently child-free who feel most passionately about this issue are still in a position to change
There's a lot of matrimania going on but I suspect that's not a sign of how secure we are about the place of marriage in our lives, but how insecure.