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Over 11,600 unscanned film photos were just added to the Project Apollo Archive on Flickr.
What's funny about living in this day and age is that most of us seem to simultaneously be dependent on modern technology and be frustrated with how it's transformed areas of our lives that were already stressful enough without it -- i.e. dating, relationships, and confrontation.
So many times we're told that being beautiful means being perfect. You have to have straight, white teeth, lustrous hair, no wrinkles or other imperfections on your face. But who is actually like that? No one!
Yes, I actually said that to someone, out loud, in public, without shame. My husband and I were standing by the meat case in Scott's, chatting with his boss's wife about chicken breasts.
"My family is obviously in the media and I have a bunch of beautiful sisters who are always dolled up, and I'm obviously
Bill Engvall braved the balmy warm weather out west while agreeing to sit down and take HuffPost's #nofilter challenge. While we had his attention (prior to the quiz), we asked about his courageous stint on Season 17 of "Dancing With The Stars" -- with dancing pro Emma Slater (he finished fourth) -- and his time on set with that little superstar, JLaw.
Skinny Pete and Badger have great onscreen chemistry. Are you and Matt Jones friends in real life? Yeah. I guess it was inevitable
What's been your craziest fan story? Do people still yell "Whoa" at you? I still get "whoa" every now and then. My girls
Plus, now that your followers are able to publicly shame you when you lie, it's not worth the risk. Social media has a way
You're going to be a judge on "The Sing-Off." How many singing-competition shows do you watch? I was able to be on "American