no fly list

Antonio Sherrodd McGarity allegedly admitted to the public masturbation and told FBI officials he thought the whole incident “was kind of kinky.”
“FBI agents threatened me and my family, pressuring me to work as an informant in my community. This is frightening and wrong,” Ahmad Chebli said.
Delta Air Lines put supporters of President Donald Trump on its no-fly list for harassing Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) & Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah).
It has to be evidence-based, pragmatic and include a working knowledge of firearms.
Let’s step beyond the vitriol and wade within the logic pool for a spell.
Sen. Susan Collins' "no fly, no buy" bill to stop gun sales to terrorists survived, but is basically doomed.
Republicans want to give law enforcement just 72 hours to prove someone's a terrorist before letting them buy guns.
"Every time Speaker Ryan tries to gavel us down, we’re going to speak louder," said Rep. Steve Israel.
The Orlando shooting sparked a new conversation.