no kill shelters

It would be an egregious error and we would be seriously remiss if we didn't honor that non-human animals, similar to us, want the pain to end right now.
Until very recently, the Shelter Medicine model in Texas worked just fine without state government interference and inspired shelters that were tired of killing to find new innovative and cost-saving ways to save as many animals as possible.
Arbor, a former stray dog, has brought the Las Vegas community together to advocate for the local town shelter becoming a no-kill shelter.
While most individuals have heard the term "no-kill shelter," many don't know what it truly means.
Don't get us wrong, we love the cheer that lights up chilly December, but to the directors of a no-kill animal shelter in NYC, holidays spell little more than disaster for thousands of momentarily-loved pets in Manhattan alone.
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Good News
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New York
Everyday, animals throughout the city are routinely euthanized due to overpopulated shelters and lack of adopters. But one
San Francisco
A first of its kind in the nation, PHS/SPCA's new Center is literally a life-saving tool. A 57,600 square foot, three-story-tall life-saving tool built to care for animals in need.
Each year we kill 3 million healthy and treatable dogs and cats at our shelters. For those who don't believe it is possible to transition from kill to no-kill, lets look at other shelters who've done it.
If you're an animal lover, please educate yourself about what really goes on at your local animal shelter. We need to stop this madness, now.