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The centrist group was less hesitant about trying to limit the power of the next Democratic House speaker.
The group is a centrist, corporate organization working against Democrats, Rep. Mark Pocan writes.
know you Supermoms are already doing all of this with your own littles ones so please take a minute and think about is there anything else you can be doing in the outside world so we can move away from hearing the absurdity of girls proving whether or not they are Tom Boys in 2016 and our kids can be whoever they choose to be!
With only a few weeks until the next October recess, Congress must pass 12 spending bills, or just kick the budget can down the road, the clock is ticking, and given the track record, sufficient funding for federal programs is at risk.
It fell to Martin O'Malley to call bulls**t on this. Go figure.
The most ridiculous organization in American politics strikes again.
The group wants more "problem solvers" in Washington.
Chris Christie Talks About Social Security During 'No Labels' Event
The list of notables affiliated with No Labels is, in fact, dominated by former politicians and other prominent people who now earn their living lobbying in Washington on behalf of special interests, mostly wealthy corporations that seek to dominate policy outcomes.
But the salient point here is that bipartisan seating doesn't achieve the desired effect of reducing dysfunction. Rather
Imagine how refreshing it would be to hear a State of the Union Address that is a list of shared goals instead of the all-too-typical wish list developed in a White House vacuum. Imagine a State of the Union in the voice not of "I," but of "we" -- meaning we, your elected leaders.
"Given my position as a sitting United States Senator, who cannot be involved in the day-to-day decision making of the organization