no makeup selfie

From there, Gaines told WCNC that her friend, Kenzie Hansley, decided to post her own photo with and without makeup. Hansley
While the bare face might be nice in theory, the reality might be a bit daunting. We're here to tell you -- healthy skin doesn't have to be scary.
Lena Dunham shared a snap of her just-woke-up look via Instagram on Friday, August 29, and it actually reminds us of what
When women are constantly judging ourselves and each other solely on our appearance, how can we expect men not to? When women
Now I know that JLo is beautiful, that JLo is talented, that JLo has been taking care of her skin. And I know that JLo looks amazing at 44. With makeup, without makeup, either way. But I'm calling bullshit on JLo's "I Just Woke Up Like This Selfie" -- on a technicality.
I myself have even created a viral hashtag campaign along with my dear friend Russell Citron. It's called #FeedtheDeed, and unlike a couple of the examples listed above, it serves to highlight how social media can be purposefully used for positive change in our society.
The social media craze raised 8 million British pounds (about $13 million) as of Tuesday. It’s enough money to fund 10 new
Several celebrities including R&B superstars Beyonce and Rihanna and British model Cara Delevingne joined the grassroots