no means no

We live in a world of imperfect choices. Somethings may never be completely right or wrong. Decide to decide and move forward. If you take the world as it comes, hopefully you'll get it more right than wrong.
Teaching appropriate behavior is also about the basic right to say no. No one can say whether you like something or not. No one can tell you that you had fun when you didn't. Just because you wanted to play Star Wars yesterday does not mean you want to play Star Wars today.
Sex! Anal sex! Did you ask for consent? Did you get permission? Or were you "just drunk?" The questions surrounding sex and
American Federation Of Teachers president says consent is "as important as anything else" in conversations about sex.
Tony Wyllie, Washington's Senior Vice President of Communications, was a tad overprotective of quarterback Colt McCoy after
Calls to the Sun-Times' publisher and page editor were not immediately returned, but the paper ran an apology on page 2 of
If we really want to reduce sexual assault in the military and on college campuses, the lessons of respect, consent and bystander intervention need to be instilled in elementary education through high school.
How many women fear that if they claim their voice and put a boundary on a man's unacceptable behavior, they will be the "bad, evil witch"?