no shampoo

By: Missy Wilkinson No, you shouldn't stop washing your hair entirely. (Gross.) Yes, you should probably read the fine print
I was in that perfect place in life where you realize that something has got to change. I was spending too much time thinking about my hair, and that was wrong. There was so much work to do to make this world better for my tiny daughter to be worrying about my hair.
I think it's a shame that young hairdressers spend ten to twenty thousand dollars on a school, and the aim is not to create
Is nothing sacred?
The Huffington Post editors have learned through trial and error that having "dirty" hair isn't such a bad thing. Our locks
Talk to any woman today about her hair-cleansing routine and she is bound to have some very strong feelings on the subject
With the growing green movement, we've been trying to make our beauty routines a little more eco-friendly. But in our attempt
We tend to freak out at the thought of going more than a few days sans shampoo (and always reach for the dry shampoo bottle
HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd hosted a discussion about personal hygiene, tackling long-debated questions like whether a washcloth
So, I may have embarked on five weeks of my lifetime hygiene low, but hey, sometimes it takes getting filthy to get good
Here's how much my mother loves the idea of me going shampoo-free: she made sure she'd stocked up on baking soda and vinegar