No Strings Attached

Casual sex is not the only pitfall. We all know that not all committed relationships work out, either. But without that commitment -- that mutual desire to try to make it last -- you are taking an even bigger chance with your happiness.
It reminds me of the last one, who announced overnight that it was over. You perfectly know what a man like this takes: he
Today it seems like gay friendships are just like NSA rendezvous: Get in, get what you need or want, and get out. Gone are the days when friendships were cherished and developed. Today they are based on what you can provide, what you can do, or even how much money you make.
There is no doubt that female friendships hold hefty value in my life, but friendships with women exhaust me in a way that male friendships never have. They simply offer different things.
Perhaps instead of focusing on our kids' declared major, grades and degrees, we should be paying attention to their extracurricular activities.
Brian Henson will be lead puppeteer on the series. Danny Baker will serve as lead writer and the puppets were created by
When Demi Moore announced on Thursday that she is filing for divorce from husband Ashton Kutcher, something about the whole
I feel like our society still has a lot of baggage about casual sex, and there's a real lack of etiquette around how to do it around in a classy way. We are going to learn how to be classy sluts today. I am here to help you.
And that's the complicated part. A lot of people go a little wild after a divorce, sometimes out of a need for validation
This July, a movie called "Friends With Benefits" is set to premier, and in it, Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake play a pair