"Don’t know how they will ever look their workforce in the eye again. Moral cowardice," former NOAA chief operating officer David Titley tweeted.
President Trump claimed hurricane Dorian could hit Alabama even after his own national weather service had said he was wrong.
Researchers doing a deep dive couldn’t believe it when they came across sharks feasting on a swordfish.
A shark feeding frenzy gets interrupted in the wildest way possible.
Here’s how oysters are helping to save the planet one shuck at a time.
The storm is getting a rise out of jokesters on social media.
Barry Myers, chief executive of AccuWeather, has previously pushed to privatize weather data.
Trump is proposing a 17 percent cut so he can "prioritize rebuilding the military."
The bottom line is this: It makes no difference if some people are uncertain about global climate change. Uncertainty is
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New research shows the whole global warming "hiatus" is still hogwash.