O'Neal could have had his pick of partners -- "How many of us have been crazy about him?" MacGraw says -- but he had his
Definitely. I think that's the biggest part about getting stronger. It definitely helps to keep you healthy, and when you
Short of visiting in winter and hiking deep into the backcountry, the parks' popularity can make it tricky to find your own slice of solitude. Tricky, but not impossible. Here are 10 scenic spots you can have all to yourself.
One little gesture can say so much, can't it? The middle finger is ready for its close-up. H/T Laughing Squid In this compilation
Applicants should be ambitious self-starters eager to learn and contribute in a fast-paced, fun environment. We are looking
How did you get into Sufi music in the first place? I always had a very solid sense for sound production. I went to Berklee
"I'm just getting started," Carmichael boasted as he ticks off the jumps against Molly and Sarah in the video below. This
Gee, shocking. H/T For The Win Imagine if your middle school basketball team had to play against this guy. As this highlight
Hastings sees a similar problem. "Now where we are headed, is to becoming an elite institution. And I predict 20 years out
May 8 (Reuters) - Nine sheriff's deputies in Georgia were fired on Friday over the New Year's Day death of a black inmate
Empowerment Plan Coalition For The Homeless Coalition on Temporary Shelter Project Homeless Connect My Stuff Bags Upward
His bicycles sell for around €350 each, mainly to buyers in Europe and the United States. But he hopes that as they become
Video of the incident shows the closet is empty. "[Most of the women] in there will turn the doorknob and go ‘there’s nobody
With all these menu elements working against diners' wallets, there are some key habits customers can develop to cut costs
The WorldPost's "Through Your Lens" series brings you stunning photos taken by social media users in a different country
Saleh is probably driven by a number of factors and we know that he never had intentions of giving up politics. Certainly
NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C., April 8 (Reuters) - For the dozens of protesters who descended on the working-class South Carolina
Ideals are dead, killed in action. There is no suggestion of a higher cause, or any cause; the war has become a murder machine
We write to assert the existence of ourselves, to assert our right to our own lives and bodies. These considerations influence