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The trappings of the 1 percent may seem as enticing as they are elusive, but is there something corrosive about überwealth? This mélange of titles look beneath the sheen of affluence to lay bare its not-so-appealing side.
As I waded through the over-burdening back stories of the characters I kept hoping Mr. Hawley would just cut to the chase
FX also has signed Hawley to take the latest swing at adapting Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle into a limited-run TV series
Ewan McGregor will star and co-star, playing the dual role of two brothers, Emmit and Ray Stussy. Emmit is the Parking Lot
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Fargo's TV creator/author Noah Hawley told TV writers Tuesday, a few hours after the acclaimed Season 2 ended, that Season 3 mostly likely won't start filming until next November, with a projected airdate of spring 2017. Plenty of time for ice fishing, eh?
The best new drama of the fall season, year two of FX's Fargo, wraps up Monday (10 p.m.) with many fates still on the table. But while the show deserves the avalanche of praise it has received, even a very good show sometimes takes a misstep, and Fargo took a couple this past Monday.
There have been plenty of other fantastic shows but I'm not sure I've absolutely enjoyed anything more than Fargo. Goofy accents, unflinching violence and all, it's like getting a gift-wrapped box of delicious mystery candy delivered through your screen once a week--and diet be damned.
The 33-year-old version of Lou Solverson will be one of the lead characters (the character, played by Keith Carradine in
This isn't the first time "Fargo" came close to a TV series. In 1997, Edie Falco starred in a pilot that never made it passed