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Robert Sepulveda Jr, also known as "the gay bachelor" on the first season of Logo's "Finding Prince Charming," spoke with HuffPost's Noah Michelson about being an escort in college.
Season 2 of Logo's "Cocktails & Classics" promises to be "bigger, better and Dunaway-ier" than ever.
We claim we want to be treated equally as gay people, but then, in 2015, with much more acceptance in the culture, we still ask for special treatment of gay and bisexual public figures while every aspect of the sex lives of heterosexual public figures is dissected every day. We can't have it both ways any longer.
"What's going to happen next in terms of how gay men have sex is going to be very interesting."
Ask yourself if you can remember the last time a straight person came up to you to break the news that he or she was heterosexual
Rummaging in a drawstring bag decorated with skulls, she drew out a black shirt with bold white lettering: GOD HATES THE
2014-06-11-20140611NoahMichelsonsmall.jpgIt might not come as a surprise to you that Noah Michelson, Executive Editor of The Huffington Post's Gay Voices vertical, is a proud queer man. What might surprise you is how young he was when he first discovered his pride and sexuality.
Hello! We are Liz and Scout, and we're excited to help announce the launch of HuffPost Gay Voices' new LGBT Wellness page, the destination to catch great blog posts and news about what wellness means to our communities.
In conjunction with the upcoming announcement of GLAAD's 2014 media awards nominations, the "It Gets Better Project" and
Perhaps instead of letting our differences divide us I believe there is a way to channel them into a device of strengthening. No matter how one makes sense of his, her, or their LGBTQ identity or how they contribute to the movement everyone's voice is significant.
Non-affirming Christians honestly, truly believe they are being loving by attempting to change our orientation, encourage celibacy, or ban us from their pews -- but to name their actions as anything but what they are would be to turn a blind eye to the epidemic of religious homophobia.
Things have been getting heated in queer politics lately, with incidents like "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson's comments
Check out the clip above to hear the rest of this candid and honest conversation about female sexuality, and click here to
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Now HuffPost Gay Voice's very own Noah Michelson has joined the fight, as he sits down to share his story of being bullied