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These ads from Sage Therapeutics provoked many negative reactions
Hall said another priest saw the image, which was posted to Hall’s personal Facebook page, and alerted university and archdiocesan
The film, which focuses on a young singer (Julian Walker) who is struggling to come to terms with his sexuality in a small
Dear America, we greet you as Christians who believe that freedom in Christ means that all persons deserve respect and equality before God and the law.
Recently, in the small southern Indiana town of Vincennes a local committee comprised of high school parents and students voted 13-9 to maintain a decade long policy requiring "traditional couples only" for their "private, invitation only" New Years Eve Ball.
Libby shared the following image, in which she appears alongside her husband, Logan, their newborn son Paxton as well as
In this interview, Miss Universe 1997 Brook Lee talks with me about how straight people can be allies for LGBT rights. She also explains how her diverse heritage led her to become a strong supporter of the LGBT community.
No matter how many times someone stands up with blood on their hands and says, "I massacred this Christian because you allow two people of the same gender to marry each other," it does not make it true.
On December 15, 2013, the NOH8 Campaign celebrated its 5th anniversary with a special event at Avalon in Hollywood, California.
On Dec. 15 the NOH8 Campaign will celebrate its fifth anniversary. This week I talked with Jeff Parshley and his partner, celebrity photographer Adam Bouska, creators of the NOH8 Campaign, about how their grassroots organization has expanded to advance global LGBT equality.
Sanchez, 21, lip-synched to Selena Gomez’s “Like a Champion” and “Come and Get It” in order to win the crown. A standing
Russian athletes attending the World Outgames 2013 in Antwerp this week made a bold and brave statement of solidarity with their fellow lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Russian citizens.
Team Russia's participation in the "NOH8 Campaign" comes in the midst of an extensive, complex and scary period of time for
Notably, Ros-Lehtinen was the first Republican to take part in the "NOH8 On The Hill Campaign" in the series' third installment
"I'm a girl and if my school could recognize me as what I've always wanted the world to recognize me as my entire life, then
Aside from posing for NOH8 and making speeches on gay marriage, Barrowman can be seen on the second season of "Arrow" on
Take a look at the photo below, then scroll down to keep reading: Other participants in the campaign have included Kim Kardashian
In a shoot timed to coincide with the U.S. Supreme Court's decision on the constitutionality of DOMA and Proposition 8, the NOH8 Campaign today released NOH8 portraits for the 67 Members of Congress who took part in its third NOH8 on The Hill event.
The "Closer" singer then added, "Although we are Canadian, we have both vowed to remain unmarried in solidarity with the