The Brownsville Community Culinary Center helps locals become chefs, while providing Brownsville, NY with its first sit-down restaurant in decades.
Gambian immigrant Ali Sanko, 62, is "the heart and soul" of Denmark's acclaimed Noma.
Quivering Desserts Author Marie Holm (Photo by Line Thit Klein, Courtesy Marie Holm and Grub Street) Having grown up on a
What is the most challenging aspect of making a culinary film? All photos courtesy of the filmmaker, used with permission
On a personal note, I was sad to find out that Moore could not attend Berlinale because of health issues. He's been recovering
Last night, Lisa and I ate a special New Year's Eve dinner at Noma, reputed to be the 'World's Best Restaurant' for an astonishing four years in a row. Well, it was.... perhaps the best word is.. unique.
"Voters are supposed to have eaten in the restaurants they vote for at least once in the preceding 18 months,” chef Joël
Just to make sure you have all the info, the awards Which restaurant will be crowned the best in the world at this year's
It all started a few months ago with Noma. Noma restaurant has been on my bucket list for the past 8 years. But for a variety of reasons, including its lack of proximity to San Francisco, I had yet to cross it off my list.
Slated to open next February in downtown San Francisco, The Perennial will operate with a farm-to-table ethos, but will also explore the potential for a new "table-to-farm" philosophy that makes better use of resources, including food waste.
Virtually everything served at The Willows was to come from the island itself or the surrounding waters.
The book chronicles Redzepi's ups and downs in 2011, and it's certainly not sugar-coated.
Is 'Branches' an actual dish name or a figment of our imagination?
Decapitated chickens, Whitey Bulger's neighbor and a 10-year old. If you're wondering what brings all these things together, look no further than the Ringmaster Rene Redzepi's 3rd annual MAD Symposium.
While Harttung and Stein highlighted the infrastructural and supply chain issues with regard to food security, what does this mean when it comes to the actual food that people eat? Turn to the chef.
While Noma tries to repair its unfairly damaged reputation, millions of other food service workers at no-name restaurants are just trying to work through another sick day.