Non-disclosure agreement

A New York appellate judge lifted a restraining order against Simon & Schuster, saying it was not bound by a confidentiality agreement Mary L. Trump signed.
Donald Trump's younger brother plans to file in another court to try to stop publication of a book that reportedly has "salacious" details about the president.
Mary Trump's book reportedly includes "salacious" stories about the president and is set to be published next month.
A Trump Organization attorney just warned Cohen that he had signed a nondisclosure agreement to keep what he knows about the president under wraps.
The candidate said there are three women who have made complaints about his behavior, and he will not oppose them if they decide to speak publicly.
“I used to teach contract law,” the senator said during a CNN town hall.
Nondisclosure agreements were a hot topic in Wednesday night's presidential debate. They are everywhere else in America, too.
In a disastrous exchange during his Democratic debate debut, the former New York City mayor defended his use of nondisclosure agreements.
Twitter users unloaded on the former Fox News host for one of his most tone-deaf comments yet.