Non-disclosure agreement

The government says the former CIA and NSA official's new book, "Permanent Record," violates his nondisclosure agreements.
Rowena Chiu, a former Miramax assistant, says the disgraced Hollywood mogul sexually assaulted her in 1998 in Venice, Italy.
The president said he doesn't think there will be a reason to take action against his former personal assistant, Madeleine Westerhout, though he made no assurances.
The actress revealed what it was like to be barred from talking about her harassment allegation against Michael Weatherly on CBS's "Bull."
Jessica Denson claims campaign officials retaliated against her when she complained about workplace harassment.
Daniels had sued Trump for defamation earlier this year, but a judge ruled the president was protected by the First Amendment when he alluded she was a liar.
The Portuguese soccer star has been accused of raping a Las Vegas woman in 2009.
A Las Vegas woman is seeking to have a nondisclosure agreement thrown out.
The White House may have broken the law and Trump tweeted about it.
The campaign is claiming her explosive new book and media tour breached her 2016 confidentiality agreement.
President Donald Trump's administration reportedly asked aides, including Omarosa Manigault Newman, to sign nondisclosure agreements.
"She was arrested for allegedly allowing a customer to touch her while on stage in a non sexual manner!"
Now he says that while the president reimbursed Michael Cohen for the payment, he didn't know what it was for.
"Not all women are under legally binding agreements about what they can say."
She plans to donate $130,000 in President Donald Trump and attorney Michael Cohen's names, according to a recent report.
Jessica Denson says she experienced sexual harassment while working on Trump's 2016 campaign.